Blended Learning – applying technology to improve outcomes

Bogor, 17 Oktober 2014

Blended Learning – applying technology to improve outcomes


At GEMS Education Solutions, we are committed to being at the forefront of blended learning education and have combined our experience running successful schools with some of the world’s leading e-learning experts to ensure we meet our ambitions to deliver education to more students around the world. GEMS has experience in implementation planning, both for ICT and non-technology programmes, for our own schools and also for other clients.

What is blended learning?

‘Blended learning’ is the term used to describe learning delivered both through digital/IT based learning alongside traditional face-to-face methods.  Many schools, Districts, and Local Authorities are recognising the potential blended learning could offer to their own students, but are uncertain how to begin making the operational changes or how to maximise the pedagogical benefits.

GEMS has partnered with leading providers that deliver advanced e-learning around the world, to both businesses and schools, using Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite technology. By deploying e-learning technology, GEMS can provide a gateway
 to global knowledge, and an effective channel to reach out across communities.

How does it work?

The system works with a two-way transmission of live, video footage between a teacher in a studio and multiple, ‘virtual’ classrooms in other parts of the country, or another country. Students are able to interact, both with the teacher and with each other, through the virtual classroom interface.

Why use blended learning?

Maximises the level of support from Teacher to Student
Teachers are finding that a blended environment helps them maximise their instructional/teaching time in class, so that students in class can increasingly focus on ‘Higher Order Thinking Skills’ (“HOTS”) and spend less time on passive listening and absorbing.

sumber: 2 Mei 2014


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